engaging cultures & voices

                                           the journal of English learning through media 




engaging cultures & voices

                     the journal of learning English through media 

engaging cultures & voices is an international, interdisciplinary, blind, peer-revewed online journal devoted to all elements of teaching and learning the English language arts through using all types of media—from television and film, to popular music and advertising; from blogs and video games, to newspapers and magazines. We especially encourage articles from the field of TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages or English Language Learning), but we are by no means restricted to that area.

We seek unpublished texts on the following areas:

1)      Research reports, qualitative and quantitative, focused on any dimension of the teaching and learning of English language arts.

2)      Teaching practices that are effective, innovative, and experimental, that apply to classrooms, as well as work-place and other public sites.

3)      Social, political, and economic issues that affect the teaching and learning of English language arts.

As well, contributors may address any mode of teaching and learning English, such as fluency and critical thinking in writing, reading, speaking, listening, and viewing. Prospective authors may focus on the teaching and learning of fiction, creative nonfiction, expository and transactional texts,graphic novels, poetry, drama, and short stories. Topics can include audience awareness, rhetorical flexibility, reading comprehension,  language conventions, pronunciation, teacher-student and student-student conferences, revision of writing, generating ideas for writing, uses small groups, think-aloud practices, etc.

ecv, published twice per year (Fall and Spring), is an international and multidisciplinary online publication. The editors seek all forms and genres, including but not limited to, print articles, “PowerPoint essays,” research reports, poetry, reviews, analyses of educational practices and policies,dialogues, editorials, video essays, commentaries, and cartoons.









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